It's the most wonderful* time of the year (*horrible)

December is almost upon us, and for owners of small creative business like myself, that means ‘tis the season to be stressed, overworked, and overall panicked (all whilst maintaining a warm, natural smile to share with our Christmas customers).

That being said, I’ve decided try something that will hopefully be a bit therapeutic, and write my business wish-list to Santa.  So here goes:

Dear Santa,

This year I’m (somewhat) certain that I’ve been (relatively) good, and have done my best to grow my business, work hard, and be a support to my fellow creative entrepreneurs.  That being said, now that the year is coming to a close and the chaotic Christmas season is descending upon us, there are just a few things that I’m trying to get finished.  If you could see your way to helping out with these little tasks, you’d make this weaver very happy indeed… 

  1. Get the fabric for my new collection delivered in time for the Christmas market next Wednesday

  2. Make the remaining new collection items

  3. Spend 4 full days selling at Christmas markets

  4. Spend 2 full days doing weaving demonstrations at the museum

  5. Find someone to man the Christmas market stand whilst I need to work at the museum

  6. Weave the 8m warp that’s on the loom

  7. Wind and weave the next 8m warp

  8. Make and send Christmas orders

  9. Prep for the last workshop of the year this Sunday

  10. Put together the workshop schedule for the first quarter of 2019

  11. Find the biodegradable packaging large enough for my biggest size of cushion

  12. Photograph and edit the white background shots for the new collection

  13. Settle the final invoices for the year

  14. Do the end-of-year bookkeeping

  15. Put the new items on Etsy

  16. Do the cushion insert and packaging inventory

  17. Move everything out of the studio basement and into storage, so the landlord can renovate it

  18. Prep the January sale

  19. Schedule Christmas social media

  20. Write and send the press release for the new collection

  21. Finish all the work I need to do for my role as President/Treasurer of the Berlin Kreativ Kollektiv (let’s face it, this would need an entirely new wish-list)

Also, if you could get all this done in the next 3 weeks, that would be great.  Oh, and if you could also find time for me to get to the gym twice a week, cook and eat healthy meals each evening, socialise with friends, have some rest time at home, get enough sleep, and generally enjoy the magical Christmas season, that would be great. Thanks.


Emma x


See you at the Christmas shows!

Images: Marcus Nyberg