Workshop - Weaving

Weave 101: Get hooked on weaving!


Upcoming 2019 dates:

Weaving is an exciting and versatile craft, but it can be difficult to know how to get started. In this 4 hour workshop with weaver Emma Wood, you can take the first steps towards building up your knowledge and confidence as a weaver.


Over the course of the workshop, you'll have the chance to design and weave your own fabric samples on an 8-shaft loom, whilst also understanding the principles of shaft weaving. The workshop takes place in Emma's studio, where you can select from a broad range of yarns that you can play and experiment with as you become more familiar with how weaving works. Emma will introduce you to the basic motions of weaving, help you understand how the different structures work, and explain how different warp threadings can impact your designs.


You'll also have the chance to try designing your own weave structures, and (if you can weave enough!) have the option to make your sample up into a small cushion to take home with you.

What's included?

  • Your own loom for the duration of the workshop, pre-threaded and ready to weave

  • All yarns and weaving materials

  • Instruction sheets and a glossary of weaving terminology

  • Beginners catalogue of weave structures

  • Tea, coffee, water and light snacks

What will I learn?

  • The basic principles of weaving

  • How a loom works

  • How to weave on an 8-shaft loom (straight or pointed draft)

What will I make?

  • Small samples that can be cut off the loom and taken home

  • The option to weave a longer piece that can be made up into a small cushion (extra cost applies)